Training Resources

Here are some of our online training resources that can help you to enhance your knowledge in the related find and also find out the new updates in the sector. 

Savanna Fire Mapping

This course is designed to outline the digital mapping tools and spatial information used for fire management activities in northern Australia. The use of spatial (map) information to map, monitor, assess and report is key to informing strategic fire management planning and response operations; to maximise long term environmental and economic benefits, and to minimise detrimental impacts. During the course you will learn about some basic concepts underpinning the use of map data for fire management planning as well as develop some practical skills to help operationalise your fire management plans.

Savanna Monitoring & Evaluation Reporting Framework (SMERF)

webinar outlines:

  • the background for the development of SMERF
  • its coverage
  • how it is applicable to the various fire management requirements
  • the list of SMERF metrics and
  • examples of each metric from 2 different fire regimes