Rohan Fisher

Information Technology for Development Research Officer

Worked with satellite data and GIS for the last 30 years, initially for CSIRO in Canberra, and subsequently for the Northern Territory government in Alice Springs and Darwin. For the last 18 years, he has worked as a Research Fellow at Charles Darwin University/Darwin Center for bushfires research focusing on GIS and Remote Sensing tools for natural resource management and good governance in Eastern Indonesian and best practice savanna fire management in Northern Australia. His current research and training development work is focused on developing Projection Augmented Landscape Models; using low tech tools to create dynamic spatial holograms of country.

Contact Information:

+61 8 8946 6673


Journal Articles

Edwards, A., P. Jacklyn, R. Fisher, A. Joseph, J. Russell-Smith, D. Lynch, C. Yates, J. Evans and K. K. Sangha (in press). “An assessment of the evidence that payments for ecosystem services are improving fire regimes in north Australia.”

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