Maixent I. Ralaingita

PhD Candidate

Izzy Ralaingita is a certified professional in disaster management and planning. His research interests are in disaster resilience and sustainable development planning with an emphasis on socio-ecological resilience and systems thinking. He holds a Postgraduate degree in Emergency and disaster management from the American Public University, Virginia, USA and a master’s in urban planning from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. Pursuing a PhD at Charles Darwin University, he works on the design of a planning framework for disaster resilience building.

The advent of the resilience concept in the disaster management field at the beginning of the 21st century triggered a paradigm shift of theories, policies and practices from the traditional “loss reduction and response model” to a more people centered and self-reliant approach. The idea of disaster resilience has attracted researchers and practitioners from across disciplines, however, practical aspects of resilience pose a challenge to practitioners especially on the understanding and implementation. Izzy’s research makes a deeper inquiry in the practical dilemma and seeks to generate an integrative solution to the practical conundrum of the concept exploiting the resilience thinking paradigm. The research seeks to develop an action-driven planning framework approach utilizing the scenario planning theory. Together, the approach will contain holistic planning techniques that will empower relevant stakeholders to understand, develop and implement disaster resilience constructed upon the case of the Kere phenomenon in the southern part of Madagascar.

Contact Information:

+61 413 570 763