Cameron Yates

Program Coordinator

Cameron Yates is a spatial fire ecologist working with over 23 years’ GIS and remote sensing experience in the savannas’ of northern Australia. Early work Cameron conducted focused on the ecological consequences of fire regimes in the Victoria River District of the Northern Territory. Cameron was involved with the development of greenhouse gas emissions abatement methodology, known as Savanna Burning ( This involved the establishment of an extensive array of field sites to collect and analyse vegetation fuels related to fire information, and the publication of the results. He has helped train Indigenous rangers and National Parks staff to undertake prescribed fire management, planning and reporting.

Cameron has extensive experience with developing and establishing ground based ecological monitoring programs and relating them to satellite based spatial products across the tropical savannas and rangelands of northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. He has worked on a number of natural resource programs in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia developing remotely sensed monitoring methodologies to map land condition, land clearing and weeds.

Cameron is the Project Coordinator for the Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research, managing a suite of fire related projects, predominantly on Indigenous lands, and is developing a dynamic, satellite derived, map of “grass curing” for north Australia to aid with forecasting fire danger and to improve fire management activities.

Contact Information:

+61 438 870 536


Journal Articles

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