Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research

The Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research (DCBR) at Charles Darwin University aims to extend fire management research and training opportunities, to land managers in north Australia and its regional neighbours. While doing so, we aim to maintain our core commitments to our current partners, especially on indigenous and conservation lands.

Who are we?

The Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research at CDU builds on 25 years of world-class, applied-science, fire research. Our major contribution to applied fire management has been through the mapping of burnt areas, served to a wide user-base through the North Australia Fire Information (NAFI) web-based portal.

Much of the applied research program has focused on the development of the science behind the Savanna Burning methods for calculating greenhouse gas emissions reduction and carbon sequestration. In recent years, our research has also included Ecological Economics in the Payment for Ecosystem Services.

Our Partners

Our Major Projects

NAFI logo


NAFI is a resource for viewing and tracking current fire activity in Australia’s northern and remote areas. 


 Program evaluates the effects of fire where burnt area  across the Northern Territory,  Western Australia and Northern Queensland.